DIGITIGER was built on two ideas: corporate design in China could be more meaningful and enjoyable; better technologies could be available as solutions to transform contents. So we bring together design, technology, and consultancy to offer our clients unique combination of services they can only get from us.

Our Technical Approach

We believe in creating lasting value for brands. We have a continuous focus on developing and improving several core solutions and platforms, that means digital experiences we offer to our clients are based on shared frameworks, so they are more manageable, scalable, and cost saving.


Corporate design: everything we touch, is carefully designed. Not only because we care to make things more enjoyable, but we believe our work adds value to the bottom line.

Digital development: in DIGITIGER we believe in content. We believe in technologies transforming digital content. Our innovative content solutions allow us to produce beautiful, interactive content faster and easier.

A Manifesto

Communicating, not marketing.
Great results happen only when deep thinking and understanding is allowed.
Create value, not buzz.
Environments and trends change, but value creation and creative thinking remain mostly relevant.
Think end user, not client.
Sometimes it causes pain, but it ensures that our solutions are direct and effective.
Design like an engineer, code like an artist.
For us, designing and programming means almost the same thing.
framework is very important.
Never underestimate the power of strategic thinking.